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What is Patta and why is it important?

"What is Patta?"One of the most important documents required while making property transactions is Patta. This is essentially a revenue record and is issued to the person in whose name the records related to said property are maintained. In simple terms, if your family’s property is recorded as being in your father’s name, then the patta will be issued in his name. Here are a few important points to remember about this essential property document:

1)      The patta is important because it establishes lawful ownership and possession of a property, and is a powerful tool that can be used in case of property disputes. In case of government acquisition of land too, the patta holder is paid compensation, as s/he has the first right to title over that property.

2)      Whenever a piece of property is acquired through purchase or through inheritance, it is important to carry out the mutation of revenue records in the name of the new owner. This is to ensure that the patta is held by the person who now legally owns the property, and to make sure that future disputes can be solved.

3)      No matter what sort of property it is, having a patta is important. In the case of vacant plots of land, of course, it is absolutely essential as it is the primary document which establishes lawful possession and which carries details about the extent of the property and its measurements.  In the case of buildings or apartments, however, the position of the patta is not as vital. This is because the patta is essentially a document relating to land and not to the buildings that stand on it.

4)      Patta land is always privately owned and can be sold and purchased freely.

5)      Separate pattas are not issued in case the land is shared by multiple parties, but is still not divided between the different owners. However, a patta can be issued jointly to all the co-owners.

6)      A patta, once issued, need not be renewed until a transaction through purchase, bequest or court decree takes place.

In a country as big as ours and with such a wide variety of land holdings, a patta is an absolute essential for all property owners. In case of any doubts about how a patta can be issued or how to get a patta issued in the name of a new owner, do consult a competent property lawyer.

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